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Home - News - DelDOT and Dnrec invested nearly 18 million US dollars for the expansion of electric vehicle charging station

DelDOT and Dnrec invested nearly 18 million US dollars for the expansion of electric vehicle charging station

August 10, 2022

Terra Hua has plans to build a major tourist route and 11 electric vehicle rapid charging stations in the next five years.
Delaware's Department of transportation (deltot) and natural resources and environmental control (dnrec) proposed the use of federal funds near $18 million based on both parties' infrastructure law (bil).
In the first step, five charging stations are set up across the country to meet the demand for the bill. That is to say, there are at least one electric vehicle charging station every 50 miles in the main route. I-95, Sr1, USA 13, USA 113. According to other data and public inputs, the overall goal is the I-95 Biden welcome center near Dover Newark, lohovsworth, laurel, and selvville.
In the second phase, we add six cargo stations to other areas around the corridor where the government is established and achieve a 25 mile availability target. Based on other public data and investment, the overall goal is Middleton, Smith, Harrington, Milford, Bridgestone and Georgetown.
In the third stage, a charging station is constructed in a high-density residential area, and a plurality of residential areas and a parking lot are constructed. Otherwise, there is no convenient loading facility.
The exact location of the electric vehicle operators and bus stops in this area is usually determined on the backside of competition after further planning and public input. Electric car drivers pay to use a charger.
The original main plan is part of the national electric vehicle infrastructure plan (nev) aimed at building 50000 new electric car charging stations in the country by 2030, making it easier and more predictable for the operation of electric vehicles.
"Our car emissions are the largest single greenhouse gas source in Delaware and the United States," Secretary General Sean M. gabbin said in a statement. Promoting the choice of electric vehicles in Delaware is an important strategy for Delaware's climate program. "Funding for the federal nevi plan has accelerated Delaware's efforts, not only to reduce traffic emissions, but to improve the quality of the air in our community, improve public health, and expand transportation options," he said.
According to delole Secretary Nicole maersky, the establishment of a charging station here and across the country can boost confidence in consumer electric car purchases, which is a viable option for Delaware's immigration. "Temperatures rise, sea level rises, more frequent and strong storms and floods are destroying our transport network," Mr McKee said. Accelerating migration to clean transport is important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.