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Home - News - WV's electric vehicle charging station plan is mainly beneficial to tourists

WV's electric vehicle charging station plan is mainly beneficial to tourists

August 10, 2022

Last week, the Virginia Department of transportation (nev) submitted a national plan on electric vehicle infrastructure to the federal government. Wboy in Virginia was criticized for the plan.
All 50 states must submit nivi plans to the federal government by August. West Virginia plans to build an electric vehicle charging station somewhere on interstate 64, 77 or 79 in the Charleston area. I-64 near Huntington and Fort Louis; Interstate 77 is somewhere in Berkeley and Mercer county. I-68 or I-79 in morgentown; I-79 is close to the flat forest and Weston; I-70 near Huilin; Route 81 near Martinsburg
Wvdot proposed the scheme of electric vehicle charging station. What strength does this plan give them?
These stations are about 50 miles from the state main road. The charging station can provide 150 kilowatts of fast charging, but wvdoh officials said that the charging station is actually designed for people traveling in our state, not for our residents.
Perry Keller coordinator: "the people who use it are mainly those who drive or travel long distances within the state. If you have a car on site, don't pay extra for the higher voltage. It's much cheaper to wait 30 minutes to go home and recharge at night. "
The proposed EV infrastructure plan, if approved, will build 12 charging stations approximately 50 miles across the state.