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Leakage Protection 22KW AC Electric Car Charging Stations IP55

Leakage Protection 22KW AC Electric Car Charging Stations IP55

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    AC Electric Car Charging Stations


    22KW electric car charging stations


    IP55 electric vehicle charging station

  • Input Voltage Range
    400V +/-10%
  • Output Voltage Range
    400V +/-10%
  • Output Current Range
  • Rated Output Power
    22kW Or 7KW
  • Warranty
    2 Year
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    ARK or OEM
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
  • Supply Ability
    1000 units per month

Leakage Protection 22KW AC Electric Car Charging Stations IP55

Self-Reset Function Of The Leakage Protection 7KW 22KW AC Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Product Introduction


By selecting ARK Technology EV charging points, you will have access to the most advanced technology at an affordable cost. Your electric car will have minimal environmental impact compared to a car that runs on gasoline or diesel. Our wide range of AC charging points is the most advanced solution for customers regardless of your charging requirements.
Cabinet type AC electric vehicle charging station, 22kW-2 connector, OCPP 1.6 function, using modern design, in line with the aesthetic of European and American customers. With RFID, Ethernet and LTE capabilities, it is suitable for shopping malls and corporate charging applications. It supports OCPP1.6J protocol and can be connected to the global EV charging management platform.
Product Parameters


Technical specifications AKEV22
Housing material Metal enclosure
Dimension (H x W x D) 300*450*160mm, 1200*450*160mm (pedestal mount)
Installation method Wall mount, pedestal mount (optional)
Cable routing Bottom inlet wiring
Weight N.W.: 11kg
Charging standard IEC 61851-22
Charging outlet Type-2 socket or connector
Outlet number 1
Input voltage 230Vac +/-10% 1-phase 400Vac +/-10%, 3-phase
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Max output power 7kW 22kW
Measuring accuracy Level 0.5
Output voltage range 230Vac +/-10% 1-phase 400Vac +/-10%, 3-phase
Output current range 32A
RCCB Type-B, sensitivity: 30mA
Charging type Mode 3
User Interface RFID, LCD Display
AC connector type IEC 62196 Type-2
Communication PWM, Ethernet, LTE, OCPP 1.6J
Application place Indoor/Outdoor
Working temperature -30 °C – +50 °C
Working humidity 5% – 95% non-condensation
Altitude <2000m
Protection grade IP55
Cooling Natural cooling
Safety standard Compliant with CE, EN 61851-1-2001; EN 61851-21-2001; EN 61851-22-2001
Security design Over/under voltage protection, overload protection, current leakage protection, grounding protection, lightening surge protection

Leakage Protection 22KW AC Electric Car Charging Stations IP55 0Leakage Protection 22KW AC Electric Car Charging Stations IP55 1

Its metal shell and half-coat coat ensure a textured appearance for long term outdoor use.
Compatible with OCPP version 1.6 and above, allowing it to connect to the global EV charging management platform without additional integration and matching.
It provides wall-mounted and pedestal mounting methods, making it suitable for a variety of installation scenarios, reducing unnecessary construction costs
Shopping mall
Company charging
Parking lot
Company Introduction
Ark Technology cooperates with many customers around the world, and has rich experience in product customization, understanding customers' preferences, and providing different products and solutions for each customer around the world. To solve the problem of electric vehicle charging for customers, so that we work harder to provide customers with timely, effective and considerate service.
Leakage Protection 22KW AC Electric Car Charging Stations IP55 2


1. Why choose us as your preferred EV Charger supplier?

I. The professional technical team and long-term vision of the industry ensure that we are always in the industry leading position. We offer a wide range of product options: charging stations for various charging standards, international standardization design, and smart back-end services.

II. Our products have passed various application scenarios and laboratory standard tests. You can buy our charging station products without any concerns and receive our professional service support.

III. The only Chinese EV Charger vendor who is willing and able to achieve CE and UL certificate currently.

IV. Our team members are the first batch of sales and engineers who is working in developing and selling global standard EV DC Charger which ensure we have plenty of experience implement global EV DC charger projects and have the foresight to lead EV charger products.


2. Is there any experience in implementing overseas charging station projects?

Yes, actually we are the pioneers in implementing overseas charger projects. Till now, we cooperate with UK power company to integrate EV charger with PV system, with US charging operator to install dozens of EV DC charger along the Freeway from LA to San Francisco, with GM automaker to provide DC fast charging service to their Bolt EV fleet and several charging projects.


3. What are the advantages of your products?

I. Telecom level product design and production.

II. Multiple charging standards support including CCS-1/2, CHAdeMO and GB/T, which means we can offer you all standards EV DC charger you want.

III. Quality comes first with wider input & output voltage range, lower voltage output range, better temperature adapted, higher protection grade, a longer technical foresight and most advanced modular design.

IV. Fast customer response, prefessional technical support and more solutions come out.


4. If we purchase your EV DC charger, how to get your after-sales support?

In general, we will provide comprehensive after-sales technical training, including the provision of written training materials, training videos or invite customer technical personnel for face-to-face training, to help customers master parts replacement and basic maintenance work. In case of emergency, we will also send professional technicians to provide on-site support.


5. Does the higher the charging station output power mean the faster the charging speed?

No, it isn't. Due to the limited power of the automobile battery at the present stage, when the output power of the DC charger reaches a certain limit, the greater the power does not bring the faster charging speed.

However, the significance of the high-power DC charger is that it can simultaneously support dual connector and output high-power EV charging both at the same time. In the future, when the EV battery has been improved to support higher power charging, there is no need to invest in the charging station to upgrade again.